Specializing in physical pain & impairment with muscle, joint, and nerve symptoms related to activities, work, sport, accident/injury, post-surgical, degenerative, chronic, or recurrent conditions.

Movement screening, testing, and second-opinions are welcomed.

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Deb Beyer

Physical Therapist

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At Beyer PT, our clients and patients are our heroes. They are people just like you, who know what they want, don’t give up, don’t stop trying, and certainly don’t stop dreaming of better. They have lives that need living… places to go, things to do, and people who depend on them. They want to feel comfortable, capable, and confident. It is our privilege to serve them!

Your health, wellbeing, and convenience are important to you. You don’t accept impersonal service, mindless protocols, or the self-serving policies and practices of hospital systems, health providers, or insurance companies. Your best interests, not theirs, are your priority! You expect transparency, choice, straight talk, and meaningful results. You are our kind of people.

Our professional role is to reliably guide you to better with personalized attention, effective care, and exceptional results. Together, we develop a plan, take action, and finish strong with achievement far beyond the ordinary. We will help you close the gap between where you are to where you want to be. That’s our promise.

Let’s be direct. We do things differently because you deserve better. We specialize in movement related discomfort, physical impairments, activity limitations, participation restrictions, and sports performance enhancement. While we are grounded in physical therapy, our world-class training, extensive experience, and science driven techniques enable us to offer you services and options well beyond the limits of ordinary PT and rationed insurance benefits. We find and fix what traditional healthcare fails to notice.

Now, it’s Your Move. Choose better. Get Better!

We’re here for you.

Deb Beyer

Physical Therapist, Owner

P.S. We invite you to stop by our office, phone, or email anytime to schedule an appointment, ask questions, express concerns, get advice, or learn your options. Expect answers. We’re expecting you.

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…Serving people of all ages, levels physical ability, and performance aspirations.


“Your care begins with the end in sight!” – Deb Beyer, PT

“Your care begins with the end in sight!”
– Deb Beyer, PT

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Comfort &

Pain related Movement is the hallmark of Muscular Skeletal Disorders (MSDs). They may result from accidents, injuries, falls, repetitive movement, over-exertion, surgery, lifestyle & degenerative conditions. Ordinary physical therapy primarily focuses on symptom relief & basic mobility gains.

We progress you beyond the basics to find & fix the underlying cause of your problem to restore your comfort, capacity, & confidence; enabling you to get your life back & do more of what you live for.

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Movement &

Not all movement is created equal. Good movement helps & heals, bad movement hurts & harms. You want only the good kind that empowers you to live life your way – in full control of life’s challenges, stresses & uncertainties. Ordinary therapies typically use one-size-fits-all exercises & generic protocols.

We progress you beyond the ordinary to reclaim life’s magic with precision movement prescriptions & skills to reinvigorate your energy, endurance, & enthusiasm for life.

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Spine, Sports,
& Orthopedics

Pain related Movement is almost always the result of a specific biomechanical impairment that disrupts normal activity. Such physical impairment is more functional than medical. Biochemical drugs are rarely the solution. Where symptoms occur, where they originate & why are 3 different matters. Treating symptoms is not enough.

We progress you beyond just feeling better to actually being better – more active, resilient, & competitive with nothing holding you back.

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Testing, Treatment,
Training, & Teaching

Pain, limited movement, & activity impairment can highjack life. Living is traded for frustration, disappointment, even anger & fear. Life slows. The joy gets sucked out. Too often traditional medical care focuses only on the symptoms, a diagnosis, a drug, and an isolated body part; while missing the holistic YOU & what you DO.

We empower & embolden you to move beyond dependency with personal know-how, independent skills, & resources to use movement as medicine.

“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken!” – Oscar Wilde